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The Shield Toggle ability is a non-combat toggle ability in Lightspeed Frontier.

Ability Configurator description:


                 ,---.|    o     |        |     
                 `---.|---..,---.|    ,---|,---.
                     ||   |||---'|    |   |`---.
                 `---'`   '``---'`---'`---'`---'
After installing the brand new M1 Shield Emitters on your ship you
may want to turn them on and off from time to time, either to
enable them for obvious reasons or turn them off to save power.

That's that this program is for!

System Requirements:
- M1 Shield Emitters or similar modules
      United Research Alliance. This work is licensed under a
  CC Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 86.0 Interstellar License

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