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Comes with a minibar.

Command Pods are a module type in Lightspeed Frontier. They are the core and command center of any ship and need to be protected with utmost care during combat.

Unlike other specialized modules, these are a jack-of-all-trades modules that contain miniature versions of engines, collectors, power generators and fuel tanks - making them completely independent of other ship modules for operation and travel.

The inventory filter for them is the following: Cmd.png

Warping[edit | edit source]

One of the key features of a command pod are its warp computers crucial to a successful warp jump. The number of modules a ship can still warp with is directly proportional to the capacity of its onboard computers - therefore more capable or multiple pods are required to support larger ships.

List of command pods[edit | edit source]

United Research Alliance[edit | edit source]

Industrial Conglomerate[edit | edit source]

Junkyard[edit | edit source]

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